Game of Thrones Filming Places You Can Go to in True Life


The Game of Thrones films in some of the most exotic areas on earth.

Apart from the seven talked about above, Game of Thrones has also been filmed in Los Angeles, Calgary, Alberta, and Scotland.

Exactly where is Game of Thrones Filmed in Alberta?

wolf dog game of thrones At the Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary, you can have an intimate practical experience with wolf dogs oneself.

Okay, we are from Canada, I was born in Alberta and we’ve visited numerous instances.

When we initially wrote our Game of Thrones roundup, I did not know exactly where they had filmed in Alberta but, but now I know.

Shot all through Banff and Calgary, GOT took benefit of our Canada’s giant wolves, (Dire wolves are supplied by Instinct Animals out of Calgary) and our award-winning production crews. So lots of Academy Award-winning motion pictures have been shot in Alberta it is hard to retain track!

Banff appears precisely like Winterfell in winter. Verify out the National Park to see it for oneself and stroll in the footsteps of Arya Stark as you search for wolves.

We went to the Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary in Canmore and had an intimate practical experience with rescued wolf dogs that are waiting to obtain a new property. It was unbelievable.

Verify out 10 Unforgettable Factors to do in Banff

Game of Thrones Filming Places Scotland

game of thrones filming locations Scotland The Old Man of Storr from our Scotland Road trip on the Isle of Skye

Considering that we initially wrote this post, we have been to even additional Game of Thrones filming areas.

We hear that the producers of the GOT prequel have been scouting the Isle of Skye.

In season 1 they had a brief stint in Scotland using  Doune Castle as a element of Winterfell, but they have not been back considering that.

Having said that, just after performing a road trip through Scotland and driving the North Coast 500 to the beauty of the landscape ourselves, we can comprehend why they have selected to make Scotland a significant element of the subsequent chapter.

The Isle of Sky is rugged and wonderful and will make an incredible backdrop for the early Seven Kingdoms.

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Los Angeles

grizzly bear yukon canada Bertha Sees us but Does not Care

I bear in mind going to the Royal Winter Fair at Toronto’s CNE as a kid to see Bart the Bear (the star of the film “The Bear”) Properly, his bloodline has continued in showbusiness and Bart Jr. has been in a slew of Hollywood blockbusters like Game of Thrones. Bear in mind in Season three when Brienne took on a bear to save herself and Jaime?

Properly, they traveled all the way to Los Angeles to film that scene.

Apparently, the bear had its personal air-conditioned trailer.

Okay, so this is a bit of a stretch saying we’ve been to that set, but we have been to Los Angeles, and we have observed numerous bears in actual life. So, I assume we can count it.

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