Brunching My Heart Out at Renaissance Mumbai’s Lake View Cafe


Lake View Cafe Mumbai

1 of the ‘greatest’ positive aspects of staying at a lake view house is that it flaunts restaurants with ravishing views. Wherein, Renaissance the ‘ONLY’ lake view house in Mumbai is exceedingly flourishing with all the waterfront beauty in the planet. So, on one particular of the sun-kissed noon’s through my keep, I decided to brunch at Lake View Cafe, the venue exactly where an enviable-culinary theatre meets phenomenal lakescapes. (Consider how great this restaurant will have to be, that it inspired the word lakescapes!) Coherently, I decided to go with the flow, let loose and unwind. A believed that manifested, the moment I got hold of the LVC Signature cocktail that goes by the name, “By The Lake.” From Beefeater gin, in-property bitters, cucumber, orange slice, olives to smoked-rosemary, this ‘invigorating concoction’ is a splash, of ‘multifarious’ flavours.

By The Lake Cocktail

Perched by the serene Powai Lake, Renaissance’s Lake View Cafe exhibits phenomenal views of the Hiranandani skyline. Some thing I cherished for a handful of hours, when I was right here. That along with, an in depth showcase of Indian and continental choice that accentuates the all round dining expertise in the corporation of engaging ambassadors. I have attempted the buffet, as effectively as, the a la carte right here and every time each the meals and the hospitality had been on the dollars. Despite the fact that, through my current keep at the hotel, I had the pleasure to meet the Executive Chef Sahil Arora who created my dining expertise worthwhile by revealing the backstory of my favourite consuming spot. A short conversation with him implied culinary information and how critical Marriott is, about the authenticity of their meals.

Executive Chef Sahil Arora

Executive Chef Sahil Arora ensured that I cherished LVC’s genuine Oriental notes which, by the way, are not all the very same. Despite the fact that what got me intrigued was that on this day, I was cherishing a assortment of Asian flavours in a European style setting with considerably of Mediterranean interiors and exteriors lengthy-drawn-out in the background. And with fresher components cooked with healthier procedures in the foreground, LVC had me expertise the greatest of each the worlds.

Lake View Cafe

I left it to Chef Arora to choose what he desires to cook but of the common menu things, the 18-hours cooked lamb shanks are justly well-known. Even even though, on this day the kitchen had my interests detracted towards a subtle balance of what the Northerners and the Southerners consume.

Shui Zhu Fish Lake View Cafe

Then the brunch kicked-off with the Michelin-styled Shui Zhu Fish, Red Wine Poached Pears, Arugula and Feta Salad and a easy stomach-filler of Betel leaf Baked Salmon with salsa verde. Much more Sichuan than Cantonese, covering a wide variety of culinary traditions even though! The Shui Zhu Fish or Sichuan Boiled Fish is one particular of the most well-liked dishes served in China’s Sichuan speciality restaurants.

Lake View Cafe in Powai

At, the Lake View Cafe, the delicately fresh ‘fish-filets’ had been flavoured specifically the way they are carried out, in China. Likewise, the Red Wine Poached Pears, Arugula and Feta Salad was a lovely green salad poached in red wine and garnished with feta cheese and crunchy chopped nuts. It looked and tasted sophisticated, like an extension of the culinary celebration.

Beetel Baked Salmon Lake View Cafe

Lastly, I concluded my brunch with a classic Betel leaf Baked Salmon with salsa verde. This one particular was the standout dish of the day with a ‘unique’ lip-smacking coating crunch. (Worthy of the highest praise!) All in all, every little thing on the Lake View Cafe’s menu is worth honouring particularly, the classic preparations and all along, the service and the lake views are exceptional. Massive thanks to Renaissance Mumbai, Lake View Cafe, Bhairavi Jaiswal, and Monica Edara for hosting such great instances.

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