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Question: How do you make sure that your next trip is your best trip?

Answer: You planet.

OR, you could throw cosmic caution to the wind, and turn to the stars instead!

Hear us out, celestial cynics.

Ever wondered why you’re compatible with certain travel companions, or are drawn to seemingly random destinations? (Aside from the intergalactic forces of Instagram, that is). Or, why some travelers are organized within an inch of their spreadsheets, while you’re perpetually upside down in your backpack in search of your passport? (Capricorn, meet Gemini – you guys need each other).

Well, we think we just might have the answers. Or at the very least, have had a lot of fun trying!

Shoot to your star sign, or read the whole chart and share with your besties.

Aquarius | Pisces | Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn

“The wannabe influencer”

Uranus can cause major problems for Aquarian travelers. (Sorry, we just had to get it out of the way, we’re honestly done now). As their ruling planet, it can make them either timid and shy, or boisterous and eccentric in character. But what all Aquarians share, aside from a confusing personality disorder, is their independence, quirkiness and intellectual nature. Aquarians see a world of possibilities everywhere, making them natural travelers, always searching for offbeat and original destinations, and sharing them with others. Although adept at putting up barriers to avoid intimate situations, often coming across as aloof until you have gained their trust (never hug an Aquarian, not even an awkward side hug), Aquarians are big-hearted humanitarians. They love helping people and are excellent problem solvers, always able to see both sides of a situation. This makes them great travel companions, useful for adjudicating card games, drinking competitions and arguments over who gets the top bunk. (Back down Leo, go and cat nap somewhere else). Symbolized by a water bearer, an Aquarius is also a useful traveller to have on your team. Especially in the following situations: hot countries, hiking, all other travel-related occasions.
Travel match: The weird, wacky and wonderful world of Japan.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Leo or Sagittarius.
Can’t travel without: Water purifying tablets or a UV Steripen.
Most likely to abroad: Start a niche blog about Japanese cat cafés.


“The soul surfer”

No Kurt Cobain, it’s not okay to eat fish. These fish have feelings. Lots of feelings. The most tolerant sign of the zodiac, Pisces make the kindest travelers and most faithful traveling companions. Wise, compassionate and always willing to help others, they easily make new friends and ask for very little back. Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces are an artistic bunch who are drawn to music as much as water, with beaches and lakesides appealing to their spiritual, melodic and, let’s face it, lazy side! Man, these swimmers love to nap. However, for these music-loving soles, it’s all about the bass. And their desire to grab a moment of solitude or sleep on the road will usually come after they’ve gone completely cray at a club, festival or beach bar. They generally hake show offs, and would rather to be alone rather than spend time with travelers who aren’t on their wavelength. Because of their easygoing nature, Pisces can often come across as pushovers, so don’t forget to stand up for yourself this year! In the world of traveling, you may be a small fish in a big pond, but be careful not to lose your voice and get lost at sea. Water analogies and fish puns over. (Sorry, ish).
Travel match: Festival travel, anywhere, so long as there is a beat and a beach to sleep on after.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Virgo or Taurus.
Can’t travel without: Snorkel mask and eye mask. 
Most likely to abroad: Adopt a stray puppy and hide it from hostel staff.

“The CEO (Chief Exploration Officer)”

Represented by a flying ram, Aries are clearly natural travelers. (Although in general, ewe should always be wary of livestock on any form of aircraft). The first sign of the zodiac, Aries travelers are certainly not afraid to be leaders of the pack. Ruled by their heads, they’ll pick the destination, plan the itinerary and probably buy the first round at the airport. Confident, enthusiastic and born organisers, they make excellent travel companions for the more laidback or indecisive signs of the solar system. (Looking at you Libra, stop weighing things up and sort out your cosmic BS). One of the most active of the star signs, Aries travelers are also adventurous, outdoorsy and naturally competitive. Which is why you should never go head to horns with an Aries at either running races, competitive sandcastle building or hostel card games. Guaranteed, you’ll end up being the ‘Asshole’. (Or ‘Shithead’, or whatever other unfortunately named card game you’re playing that night). Never happier than when out on a mission or planning one, just be aware that these itchy-hooved travelers may become impatient with long periods of inactivity, and so should be avoided at all costs on designated hangover/hammock days.
Travel match: Campervan road trip across North America, Australia or New Zealand.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Libra or Leo.
Can’t travel without: GoPro to capture everything as they speed through life.
Most likely to abroad: Steal all your money at pool.

“The high flyer”

The wandering bull, it’s said that these wayfaring bovines are destined to wander the planet in search of love. Whether actual bull or not, this sign is clearly destined to be a great traveller. And if not find love, at the very least get some excellent passport stamps trying. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, Taurus travelers are drawn to romance and beauty. Lovers of art, culture and food, they literally have the horn for anything that pulls on their creative senses – cooking classes, basket weaving, neon body paint… That said, whilst a magpie towards shiny and material things, and thus the star sign that’s most likely to blow their budget on big gestures or a plate of Michelin-star microherbs, they’re also a hands-on Earth sign, and equally wouldn’t be out of place on a volunteer project. One of the most reliable signs, a Taurus is a solid person to travel with – protective, loving and generous. But be careful, they are risk averse (this bull will never bungy) and prone to stubbornness. Never take a bull by the horns. They prefer harmony and routine, often happier in big cities rather than off-the-beaten-track destinations, so let them lead and don’t make them go anywhere they don’t want to.
Travel match: Explore the color, creativity and classicism of Buenos Aires.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Scorpio or Cancer.
Can’t travel without: A stylish and well-planned travel wardrobe.
Most likely to abroad: Actually visit an art gallery, rather than just pretend to like everyone else.

“The Peter Pan traveller”

Let’s party! No, let’s read a book. Doh, I just don’t know what’s up with me today, I feel so conflicted! Ladies, gentlemen and mystics, meet your split personality traveller, Gemini. Curious, expressive and pathologically scared of routine, Geminis fly by the seat of their elephant-print pants, constantly running away from boredom and towards their next adventure. Making friends? No problem. Next destination? Sure. Happy to take whatever life throws at them, Gemini are born travelers. Often feeling like their other half is missing, they’re constantly on the search for new friends and experiences. However, they are gentle rather than overbearing souls, and hate traveling alone. Which is fine, when cosmically at least, as twins there are always at least two of you. Big chatters and deep thinkers, Geminis make excellent travel companions, especially for shyer signs whose worst nightmare is first-day hostel chat. The only problem is, restless one minute and reflective the next, you never know which Gemini traveller you’re going to get. Which can be confusing, as how do you dress for both a disco AND a fireside discourse on Shantaram? Sequins, perhaps. However sweet and social as a sign, a Gemini’s love for a D&M can be exhausting. Which is why it’s wise to politely shun a chatty Gemini traveller in the following situations: hangovers, toilet queues, libraries.
Travel match: Hopping around the Greek Islands, sampling each and every lifestyle.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Sagittarius or Aquarius.
Can’t travel without: A worn copy of Paolo Coelho’s The Alchemist.
Most likely to abroad: Go fully nomad, only to turn up three years later with a freaking awesome beard.

“The BTF (Best Travel Friend)”

Although depicted as a lone crab, solo travel isn’t always in the stars for Cancerian travelers. Their adventurous imagination, but strong ties to friends and family at home, can often see them scuttling sideways back to shore. (Which is also okay, as in this metaphor, that’s usually where the beach bar is). Despite their hard shell, these compassionate crustaceans are a sensitive sign, deeply empathetic to the world around them. This makes them wonderful travelers, kind to the people and places they visit. Usually happier traveling with their close inner circle, Cancerians can often end up being more concerned with whether everyone else is having a good time, rather than focusing on creating their own memories. However tricky Cancerians may be to get to know at first, once cracked, you’ll struggle to find a more fun, loyal and protective traveling companion. Put it this way, they’re not the type of traveller to spill their guts to a bunch of strangers around a firepit and five cans of strong cider, but they are the type to hold your hair back if you do. Just be aware, as a Water sign, Cancerians will have waves of highs and lows, so leave them alone for their ‘me’ time or they may get crabby. Just make sure they don’t hermit too much.
Travel match: A group trip around Indonesia or Southeast Asia with mates.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Capricorn or Taurus.
Can’t travel without: Their headphones. While better in groups, Cancerians need their alone time.
Most likely to abroad: Get a really crap matching traveler tattoo… because everyone else has.

“The animal”

The mane event, you’ll always find a Leo at the heart of the action, surrounded by new friends. A Fire sign with great hair, Leo travelers are confident, warmhearted and outgoing, with an infectious energy that can be impossible to resist. Effortlessly collecting friends from all over the world, their trips are often planned around visiting them. Quick-minded and quick-witted, these cool cats like to dominate and are great problem-solvers. Happy to take the initiative when it comes to resolving tricky traveling situations, but too fearful of embarrassment or failure to get into any real scrapes, they make great travel companions. Just be aware though, that traveling with a Leo can be full on. In love with life and everything it offers, these lions rarely sleep – tonight or any other night. (A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh… apologies for the Lion King earworm that’s now stuck on loop in your head!). This passion for the wild life makes Leos excellent party animals, but shocking dorm room companions. Plus, you know, the snoring. Unable to resist an adventure, Leos suffer FOMO easily and don’t like to hear the word ‘no’. They are the kings and queens of the jungle after all, with a large pride. The ego kind, not just the harem-of-worshipping-followers kind.
Travel match: South Africa safari followed by Zzzzzz on Zanzibar’s tropical beaches.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with an Aquarius or Gemini.
Can’t travel without: Tinder.
Most likely to abroad: Go to a party in one country and wake up in another. And then selfie it.

“The excel explorer”

Expert planners, every traveller needs this celestial goddess on their squad. Virgos are kind, loyal, and possess the one thing that all travelers desire – an alphabetically-ordered Lonely Planet bookshelf. The organisers and analysers of the zodiac, Virgos like practicality, cleanliness and wellness: traits that are reflected in how they travel. Fortunately for these list-loving signs, the travel world is home to the king of all lists – the bucket list! And a Virgo traveller will rarely feel happy with themselves until they have ticked off every experience on it. An Earth sign, Virgos have a deep sense of humanity, and are drawn to places of natural beauty and calmness that appeal to their orderly nature. Which is why if you ever meet a stranger on a mountain quietly formatting an Excel spreadsheet, it’s most probably a Virgo. However, Virgos can often come unstuck in the chaos of traveling life. They like to leave very little to chance and can get so obsessed with the details, that they forget to enjoy the ride. Take heed, hardworking Virgos, your sign is a goddess! Try to balance work and play, and let your locks down a bit more this year. Besides, every traveller needs a massively misjudged dreadlock phase.
Travel match: Intern in New Zealand. Clean mountain air and just the right amount of mischief.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Pisces or Cancer.
Can’t travel without: Anti-bac, guidebook and a bucket list.
Most likely to abroad: Completely freak out when they run out of the aforementioned anti-bac.

“The wandering diplomat”

Ahh, the scales. No one’s friend in bathrooms or at the bungy jump weigh in, everyone’s friend when it comes to negotiating a peaceful resolution to the great Anglo-Aussie traveller debate: Marmite vs. Vegemite. (Marmite clearly, you actual monsters). The zodiac’s most sociable sign, Librans are sharers, thinkers and lovers. Philosophical but non-confrontational, they require constant stimulation from the things around them, whether that be books or beauty. As travelers, they are quick to form emotional connections whenever they travel and are prone to falling in love. (Ski instructors, surf instructors, diving instructors of the world, watch out! Not you driving instructors, sorry). Like their namesake scales, Librans crave symmetry when they travel and the perfect balance of exploring and chilling. Often sentimental, they’re happy to revisit past destinations, where they’ll always find a new reason to fall in love with it again. Although they like beautiful things, their fair-minded spirit and sense of humanity hates conformity, and so they often find beauty in places others don’t. Easily able to adjust to new situations, Librans make laidback travel companions. However, their indecisiveness can be frustrating. Also, on the other side of the scales, their love for a debate can often tip over into “I told you so” territory. No one likes a know it all, Libra.
Travel match: Balance your yin and yang with a cycling and yoga retreat in Bali.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with an Aries or Sagittarius.
Can’t travel without: Something to read. Librans rarely visit a place without learning about it first.
Most likely to abroad: Have been there, done that and got their t-shirt stolen for being so annoying.

“The sassy one”

There’s no beating around the bush, jungle or any other nature-related metaphor with Scorpio travelers. One of the most distinctive signs of the zodiac, Scorpios are decisive and independent, always confident in where they’re going and what they’re doing. Passionate and brave, but with cool heads, their resourcefulness as travelers is a cosmic force to be reckoned with. Essentially, if you need to argue your way out of a missed bus, hostel mix up or unpaid parking ticket, you need a Scorpio on your side – they will never back down. Scorpios may initially come across as suspicious, and much like their namesake scorpions, spikey. However, as a Water sign, they are deeply in tune with their own and other people’s emotions. Once you get past the tough traveller act, they make the most loyal friends, which is why you’ll often find Scorpios traveling with a bunch of lifetime mates. Like life, Scorpios attack traveling at a million miles an hour, always pushing their itineraries and holiday allowance to include as many new places and experiences as they can. Our advice to you Scorpio, would be to take some time to chill this year. Not everything in life is a battle.
Travel match: Embrace your Water sign and some ‘Fiji time’ on the islands.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Taurus or Cancer.
Can’t travel without: Their phone, with every app imaginable – Scorpio’s have to be in control.
Most likely to abroad: Talk their way into an upgrade.

“The lone ranger”

Depicted as an armed centaur, Sagittarius are the great travelers of the zodiac. Strong-willed, independent and outdoorsy, they make fearless solo travelers, happy to leave the pack behind and veer off the beaten track. Which also pretty much makes them the heartbreakers of the hostel world. Bye bye love of my life, it was fun while it lasted. (Aries sobs quietly into her guidebook). Ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac, Sagittarius are larger-than-life characters, whose enthusiasm for the world knows no bounds. Known for their generosity and humor, if you come across a Sag on your travels, hold onto them while you can – it will be one hell of a ride. However, never try to trap a Sag. Happy with their own company and not needing the approval of others, if a situation isn’t working for them, they’ll simply move on. Clinginess will only increase their impatient nature and itchy hooves. Also, these warriors shoot from the hip, with an honesty that can come across as blunt. Basically, if you’re having an emotional day, never ask a Sag if your bum looks big. They’ll say yes. Which is ironic, as their sign is half horse. Ass. Our advice for 2019, stop trailblazing. Sometimes, we all need to be part of a pack.
Travel match: Get lost in the busy streets of London, wandering the quirky and cutesy weekend markets across the city.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Gemini or Aries.
Can’t travel without: A battered 20-year old rucksack, covered in sew-on patches.
Most likely to abroad: Add the most notches to their belt, sorry, patches to their pack.

“The flashpacker”

All work and no play makes Capricorn a dull… goat? One of the most disciplined signs of the zodiac, it’s time to give this hardworker a holiday! Like their fellow Earth signs, Capricorns are practical, organized and make excellent trip planners. However, they often find it difficult to completely unwind on holiday, preferring instead to keep busy with day trips, nights out, and business calls by the pool on giant 80s mobile phones. Nope, that’s definitely the TV show, Dallas. Either way, whatever floats their goat. Because you should never push a Capricorn – they are always completely in charge of their own destiny. Perfectionists to the core, whose success in life and love of nice things often makes them more flashpacker than backpacker, a Capricorn’s trip will always be the envy of others, with beautifully curated Insta stories and posts. (Even if it was a struggle to reach that summit, you will never see it). Detail orientated, a Capricorn’s travel plans are always achievable, they always know what visas are required, and they never lose anything. Nope, not even at 3am. This admirable skill for passport and hostel key detective work, combined with their loyalty and kindness, makes them excellent travel companions.
Travel match: Apply your hardworking ethos to a volunteer project in Central America.
Cosmic compatibility: Should travel with a Taurus or Cancer.
Can’t travel without: Wi-Fi. Instagram can’t update itself.
Most likely to abroad: Surprise everyone by falling in love with the trip leader and becoming an artisan cheesemaker.


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