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Updated October 2018: We wrote our initial assessment primarily based on our experiences on our 10h+ flights from Canada to Japan. We have updated this post as we have made use of it numerous instances due to the fact Japan and as you can see, it truly has fundamentally changed the nature of lengthy flights with our young children.

When we booked our 10 hour flight from Calgary, Canada to Tokyo, we decided to take our 14 month old son as a lap infant. At this stage, we’d flown sufficient with our children that we believed could deal with it. But as the trip got closer, we both began to get nervous about obtaining him on our laps for such a lengthy flight as he did not like to be held and just wanted to move all the time. My husband produced a concerted work to hold him on his lap major up to our trip, but he just wouldn’t sit nevertheless. We had been truly worried, but there was no turning back at this point, so we had to make this function.  

Enter the Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

The Fly Tot is an inflatable cushion that fits in the leg area region among your seat and the seat in front of you. The concept is that it will permit your tiny one particular area to lay down flat on a frequent, economy seat, turning the seat into a travel bed for toddlers on airplanes. I had study about some truly constructive experiences with the Fly Tot airplane cushion in a couple of Facebook groups that I was a element of. If we could get at least one particular of our children sleeping on the plane, that would be a enormous win.

So how did our flight go?

Substantially improved than anticipated, regardless of a rough get started. We initially set up our three year old daughter with the Fly Tot and an iPad.  She loved this inflatable airplane cushion and was completely content material to sit there and watch her film.

Our son was a diverse story… As anticipated, he did not want to be held and was just acquiring increasingly overtired and vocal. We spent most of the early element of the flight with him in the region close to the toilets or at the back of the plane. We attempted to get him to sleep by walking in our Ergo infant carrier but it just wasn’t taking place – he wanted to play.

Ultimately, my husband recommended we place him on the region with the inflatable travel pillow and place our daughter among us.  It worked completely. He had his personal region to stand, sit and play. We had been capable to loosen up and not struggle to retain him in our arms. Our daughter was nevertheless satisfied as lengthy as her film was on (Frozen – it is constantly Frozen).  He eventually had a sleep on the inflatable travel bed, and though we would have preferred longer we had been satisfied with what we could get. As a bonus, our daughter also had a sleep on this miraculous inflatable toddler bed a tiny later.

Our flight house was even improved. We had been fortunate to have a somewhat empty flight, so I was capable to grab two seats subsequent to a window with our tiny guy. My husband stayed in the 3 middle seats with our daughter. I produced use of the Fly Tot again to give him an region to play and he even slept for four hours straight!

I stated to my husband soon after: “Is that what it feels like to have children sleep on the flight?” For the initial time in our three years due to the fact obtaining children, my husband watched a film and I study a book. Remarkable!! 

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We initially got our inflatable airplane cushion, the Fly Tot, for our 10 hour flights to and from Japan, but we’ve due to the fact made use of them on trans-Atlantic flights to Italy, Norway and London as effectively. So, with more than 50 hours of in-flight expertise using this inflatable travel bed for children on airplanes, we can confidently share our views of the pros and cons of acquiring an inflatable airplane pillow like the Fly Tot:

Pitfalls of Inflatable Airplane Cushions for Little ones

  • It is a tiny large to carry. I can not complain for the reason that I didn’t carry it, but it did take up the bottom 1/three of my husband’s carry-on bag. Given the huge advantage of acquiring our children to sleep on flights, he does not thoughts carrying it.
  • The expense may perhaps be a bit extra than you want to invest for use on a single trip. Nonetheless, if you strategy to use it regularly, then it is effectively worth the value. For instance, we have made use of it on eight international flights so far and we have gotten eight sleeps out of it – that is only $10 per sleep – a smaller value to spend for effectively rested children! If you like the concept of an airplane travel bed, but do not like the value of the Fly Tot, probably appear at one particular of these highly rated children airplane beds for much less than $50.
  • According to some of the negative testimonials, some airlines do not permit these inflatable airplane seat extenders. As of this update (Oct 2018), Fly-Tot reports that 48 airlines have accepted it for use. See the Sources section at the bottom of the post for the full list.  (Note, regardless of some damaging testimonials, there are at present 4x as many 5 star reviews as there are 1 star testimonials)

Positive aspects of Inflatable Airplane Beds for Toddlers

  • Extra sleep for everybody.  Is not that what each and every parent desires on a flight? 
  • Additional area for everybody. Each of our children have enjoyed the additional area the Fly Tot supplies for sleeping. But there’s extra to it than that… when the children are not sleeping the inflatable leg rest offers the children additional genuine estate to play, devoid of obtaining to be concerned about them falling on the floor.
  • Extra freedom. No extra worrying about needing to go pee soon after your infant falls asleep on you…
  • It is is super effortless to inflate and it literally requires seconds to deflate. No one on the plane has ever noticed when I was inflating it. Deflating was as uncomplicated as opening the valves and pushing the air out. See our YouTube video of the inflation course of action in the Sources section below…
  • It’s sturdy and higher excellent. We’ve hauled the Fly Tot with us on 4 key trips totaling more than 120 days on the road. It still operates as excellent as the initial time we made use of it. In truth, we are seeking to get a second inflatable travel bed for our upcoming trip.

Need to You Acquire an Inflatable Travel Bed for Little ones?

So would I advocate the Fly Tot? Yes, devoid of hesitation. Just appear at the photographs beneath to see why… it operates. Given that acquiring our travel toddler bed for airplanes (ours is a Fly Tot), we have made use of it to get our children to sleep on each and every single international flight we have taken. We couldn’t ask for extra than that…

Utilizing the Fly Tot on Airplanes

The photographs above had been from our October 2016 trip from Canada to Japan. Right here are the photographs from our subsequent trips. This inflatable travel bed  for children has worked each and every single time.



(Whoooo’s the cute tiny owl? He’s Ollie the Owl, a mixture white noise machine and wireless Bluetooth speaker)


Fly Tot Inflatable Airplane Cushion for Toddlers
Even with additional seats we’ve set up the Fly Tot for additional area.

Fly Tot Sources

To aid visualize how an inflatable travel cushion can be made use of as a travel bed for toddlers on airplanes offered your seating arrangements, right here is a helpful infographic from Singapore Airlines.


List of authorized airlines (as of Sept ’18):  ANA, Air Japan, AirAsia Japan, Aegean Airlines, Air Asia, Air India, Air Vanuatu, Alaska Airlines, Alliance Airlines, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Cathay Dragon, Cathay Pacific, Cebu Pacific, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Uncomplicated Jet, Etihad Airways, Eva Airlines, FlyBe, Garuda Indonesia, Hong Kong Airlines, Iceland Air, Japan Airlines, Jet2, JetBlue, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Norwegian Air, Oman Air, Peach Aviation, Philippine Airlines, Royal Jordanian Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Scoot, Silk Air, Singapore Airlines, Southwest, Thompson Air, Vanilla Air, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin (America), Virgin Australia, WestJet.

Who Need to Acquire an Inflatable Travel Bed for Little ones?

You can only use an inflatable travel pillow if your kid will be occupying a seat. If you have bought a seat for a toddler beneath two years old, make positive you know the guidelines of your airline and if a kid restraint is mandatory. You can count on to have your toddler on your lap for takeoff, landing and in the occasion of any turbulence.

Ideas To Effectively use a Fly Tot

  1. If you have named your airline and they told you inflatable cushions for planes are not permitted, that may perhaps not be the case. The buyer service desk may perhaps not know what you are speaking about. A lot of instances it is up to the discretion of the flight crew. Your largest danger is that you finish up carrying it and not utilizing it.
  2. You can not use an inflatable airplane bed through takeoff or landing. Do not attempt. In truth, I generally wait till the meal has been cleared and everybody is settling in. 
  3. What if you do get told that it is not permitted on the flight? Apologize and place it away. Be polite. Obtaining angry and producing a fuss will not make something improved. In truth, we advocate going out of your way to treat the flight attendants effectively as they can be so beneficial on a flight!
  4. Do not give the flight a crew a cause to ask you to place it away. Only use your inflatable travel cushion in seats that will not block any person. The window seat is very best. Inflate it quietly devoid of bothering other passengers and we advocate carrying out it inside the confines of your seat rather than in the aisle. You will want it in location as you inflate the travel cushion anyways.
  5. Often place the seat belt on your kid. If there is turbulence, you will have to wake your kid to place on their seat belt so it is very best to do it prior to. 

What about Fly Tot Options

It is correct there are various options to the Fly Tot inflatable airplane cushion. The original is the Fly Tot, but there are two other people that are almost identical and other people that are comparable.

Plane Pal vs. Fly Tot

Even though I have not personally made use of a Plane Pal, I can see from the pictures that they are almost identical although the Fly Tot is slightly smaller sized. They each come with a pump and the Plane Pal comes with a carrying bag. The pumps are slightly diverse. The Fly Tot model can be collapsed and secured shut to take up much less space. 

The Kooshy Kid Kooshion is most comparable to the Plane Pal. 

If you are buying from Canada, the United States of UK, the Fly Tot is the one particular that is most regularly accessible on Amazon. You can even get a double unit with only one particular pump – best for households with two children! 

What About More affordable Options to the Fly Tot?

If the expense of a Fly Tot is also a great deal of a danger, in the occasion that the airline you are flying with decides to make the Fly Tot banned, then there are other less expensive options. These are generally a cube shape which is diverse than the Fly Tot cushion, but the testimonials for ones like the Wapwap Travel Pillow and the 1st Class Kid Pillow are excellent thinking of the a great deal reduce value. Just retain in thoughts that these will not come with a pump for inflating.

Inform us, have you made use of an inflatable airplane cushion? We’d like to hear about it in the comments!

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We are grateful to Fly Tot for giving us with the inflatable cushion we made use of for this assessment. This post includes compensated hyperlinks.

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