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My definition of a ideal summer season holiday, when travelling with
toddlers, is hitting the beach with my two youngsters and husband – now that I know
precisely what items to take to the beach with toddlers and prevent some of our
earlier family members beach holiday mishaps.

Because my childhood, the ocean has drawn me extra than hills,
flamboyant cities and amusement parks. With any luck, my ocean-loving genes
have been passed on to my kiddos as properly.

My twins are five suitable now and we have been carrying out beach outings
for the final three years. Let me confess some thing, our initially couple of outings suffered
a lot mainly because of the lack of organizing. Becoming a new mother who applied to be a
low-essential vagabond, I had no thought about what to bring to the beach with toddlers.

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Needless to say, I learnt from my blunders with just about every family members
beach holiday that went slightly haywire due to my lack of correct organizing.
For the final two consecutive years, I went on a beach holiday with toddlers to
Cape Cod completely ready and guess what? All the things went precisely according to our
strategy and we had some of the finest family members beach holidays with our toddlers.

By way of this list of beach necessities for toddlers, I want to
support all you new parents who are just as clueless as I was three years ago. Let me
support you prepare a fail-protected beach holiday packing list for toddlers to make
your subsequent beach outing fuss-totally free, enjoyable and relaxing.

Packing List for
Toddler Beach Getaway

What to bring to the beach for a day with toddlers? Right here are products that really should be on your beach holiday checklist:

Toddler Beach Essentials - Beach Toys
  1. Sunscreen – This is the most clear, but also a single of the most vital items to pack for a beach holiday. Becoming out in the sun all day without having sunscreen is harmful for your toddler’s sensitive skin.  According to American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations, generally go for a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15 to shield the skin against UVA and UVB rays.

    I personally choose utilizing a spray alternatively of a cream-primarily based sunscreen for the former is less complicated to apply and does not cake on to the skin.

  2. Hats with Velcro Ties – In addition to sunscreen, sun hats with velcro ties are a beach will have to have with toddlers. The finest sun hats for toddlers are created from breathable mesh fabric with a wide brim, to shield their head, face and neck from exposure to the scorching heat.
  3. Hooded Beach Towels for Toddlers – The initially time we went to the beach, I created a rookie error of not bringing beach towels as we hadn’t planned to swim. I had to study the difficult way that beach towels have extra than just a single use. Even if your youngsters do not intend to swim, these towels can be applied as shade and even as a picnic blanket.

    Now that I am teaching them how to swim, I make them put on hooded towels on top rated of their bathing suits. It is terrific how these towels do not slip off when they are operating.

  4. Collapsible Beach Wagon – I switched from a double stroller to a collapsible wagon for beach days a year ago. Why? I just realized how my youngsters are developing up super rapidly and quickly they will outgrow the stroller seats. The wagon I personal now has wider seats and is comfy for my twins.

    A further explanation why bringing a wagon is a will have to is mainly because you can throw in all your toddler beach gear such as coolers, snacks, beach toys and backpacks. Trust me, it does make life a lot less complicated.

  5. Beach Toys for Toddlers – Beach and sand toys will have to be incorporated in any list of beach essentials for toddlers. My youngsters would start off bawling if they didn’t discover their shovels, buckets and sand castles molds in their beach backpack. Save your self the problems and involve these uncomplicated and lightweight beach toys on your beach checklist for toddlers. Playing in the water and sand with their toys are the finest beach activities for toddlers!
  6. Swim Arm Bands or Swim Vest – Most toddlers will appreciate becoming in the water and even if they do not, security is the initially priority! We all know how rapidly a toddler can move when we appear away for a second. As their mother, I also appreciate watching them enjoying their time attempting to swim and chill in the water. To retain them protected although enjoying playing in the water, I under no circumstances neglect to toss in the swim arm bands.
  7. Snacks and Water – Some toddlers can do without having the toys but not without having snacks. Even if you are heading to the beach post lunch-hour, bring along some healthful and scrumptious snacks in a cooler. Do not neglect to throw lots of water in as well. This will support you and your youngsters keep active and hydrated all through the day.
  8. Infant Powder – Just a single time I forgot to pack the child powder in my beach bag and my youngsters had been not pleased. Basically, I cannot blame them. Everyone would be cranky when they have to put on footwear on sand-coated, wet feet. Infant powder is super helpful for removing sand off your toddlers feet and drying them off speedily. Now I under no circumstances neglect to involve it in my items to take to the beach with toddlers.
  9. Wet Dry Bags – Youngsters will be youngsters. Unexpected items like them spilling juice on their clothing occur all the time, so I got myself a significant wet-dry bag in which I retain the (unused) swim diapers, snacks, toys and additional dry clothing.

    When my youngsters are out of water, the wet bathing suits go in the bag and fresh, dry clothing come out. Life created so uncomplicated!

  10. Transportable Fan – For youngsters that are pretty sensitive to heat, a smaller fan is a beach will have to have for toddlers. A smaller transportable fan or even a spray bottle with cold water from the cooler, can support them cool off following they are tired from playing and operating all more than the beach. I take it out when they cease for a snack time to offer them utmost comfort.

    P.S: I also get pleasure from this fan as substantially as my youngsters do.

Improved protected than sorry is my go-to mantra anytime I pack my beach bag for a day at the beach with toddlers. Just after a lot of trial and error, I have ultimately formed this beach checklist for toddlers that guarantees a wholesome, enjoyable beach day, without having overloading my bag.

Toddler Beach Essentials - Swim Arm Bands

Other Beach Essentials for Toddlers

Right here are a couple of other beach
accessories for toddlers to take into consideration for your family members beach holiday:

  • Beach Umbrella or Pop Up Beach Tent for Toddlers – If you strategy to be at the beach for the whole day or the beach does not supply substantially shade, a beach umbrella or pop up tent for toddlers will give your toddler some time out of the sun.
  • Beach or Water Footwear – the sand can get extremely hot so shield your toddlers sensitive feet by adding some toddler beach footwear to the “things to bring the the beach” packing list. If you are planing a family members beach holiday in Europe, then water footwear will be a essential beach accessory for your toddler on these rocky beaches.
  • Rash Guard or Complete Swimsuit – Get added skin protection for your toddler with a swimsuit that covers arms and legs or a rash guard.

Love your time on the beach! A beach holiday tends to make for a single of the most toddler friendly holidays!

All-Inclusive resorts make for a child and toddler friendly holiday. We loved our initially expertise at a toddler friendly all-inclusive in Mexico!

Thank you to Alvina Emmy of Parent Loves for writing this guest post for us.

Alvina loves to give useful and sensible tips to parents, such as suggestions for top rated child goods.

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